Supply chain innovation

How companies can harness data to balance customer demands with business needs and restore sanity to stressed operations.

Chris Gottlieb

Chris Gottlieb

Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Advisory, KPMG US

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Supply chain innovation
Six core capabilities supply chain and finance teams can leverage to make confident adjustments, create balance, and maximize profitability.


Answering the corporate dilemma of balancing customer and business needs requires three things:

  1. Figuring out the actual cost of complexity—down to the lowest level of detail for every product, every customer, and every order.
  2. Understanding the root causes of excessive complexity so that something can be done about it.
  3. Simulating what will happen when action is taken.

Get one of them wrong, and profits can take a hit.

This paper shares how leading companies can find balanced trade-offs by leveraging the six core capabilities of the KPMG Supply Chain Analytics Platform– each of which utilizes a mix of advanced financial modeling, data & analytics, emerging technologies, and operational expertise.