Regulatory Insights

Regulatory Insights is based in Washington, D.C.

Regulation continues to drive the strategic agenda. Financial services firms must manage the complex suite of new rules enacted by global, regional, and national policy setting bodies that are changing the strategy, business model, and operating procedures of financial services. Implementation of complex changes over extended timescales, with other proposals in the pipeline, is forcing firms to change the way they operate and address fundamental issues around profitability and future plans. Indeed, managing regulatory change is a major business issue in itself.

Regulatory Insights is part of a network of other thought leadership teams in the United Kingdom (EMA Financial Services Risk & Regulatory Insight Centre) and Asia (ASPAC). Regulatory Insights is comprised of key industry practitioners and regulatory advisers from across KPMG’s U.S. and global network. These individuals work with engagement teams and clients to provide insights into the implications of regulatory changes, distill the impact of regulatory developments on clients’ businesses, and advise how to adapt clients’ business models to better thrive in this dynamic environment.

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