A playbook for transforming the front office

Discover how efficiency measures can support an effective growth strategy


Sales and marketing teams drive business revenue, yet an inefficient front office can fuel unnecessary expenditures. The complexity of pursuing growth in uncertain times necessitates organizations replace costly and inefficient front-office processes with tools and practices that drive revenue growth. In addition, businesses must control spending while ensuring that day-to-day decision making across the entire organization is in sync with long-term revenue goals.

In A playbook for transforming the front office, we present step-by-step actions for transforming front-office performance to support business resilience.

Discover how to:

  • Leverage data-driven insights to efficiently manage costs without compromising growth efforts
  • Launch a cost optimization plan using real-time analytics
  • Establish new resource-aware benchmarks for marketing and sales performance 
A novel approach to marketing technology: Putting value and customer first

A playbook for transforming the front office

Navigating uncertainty through resilience

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