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Make the most of M&A opportunities with deeper insights that drive faster outcomes.


Disruption, risk, complexity…and opportunity

Today’s M&A landscape is extremely competitive and complex. Traditional markets and business models have been disrupted, operating models have been upended, and customer behavior continues to shift. Lines between industries are blurring and powerful competitors are emerging from unexpected directions. With high valuations driving the need for extraordinary synergies, and changing market dynamics requiring transformative deal theses, the stakes are higher than ever.

To be a winner in this challenging environment, you need to capitalize on opportunities that enhance value across every step of every deal cycle, from strategy to due diligence, integration, separation, and beyond. And to do that, you need faster insights, more innovative strategies, and a deeper understanding of what’s happening in your industry.


Get from operational vision to reality faster.



Get from operational vision to reality faster.


Get from operational vision to reality faster.


Get from operational vision to reality faster.


Get from operational vision to reality faster.


Orchestrating for value

At KPMG LLP (KPMG), our tech-enabled deal teams are purpose-built for the seamless orchestration of value. Our deal architect model provides you with a single point of accountability, synthesizing insights, and mobilizing the breadth and depth of our functional and industry experience. This keeps all teams focused on the value drivers underpinning your investment thesis, helping to reduce value leakage, accelerating value creation, and creating continuity from predeal to postdeal phases.

Learn 5 practical moves to improve your odds of success in complex deals


How to win in the age of the complex deal.

Deals and deal making have become more complex. Increasingly, deals are aimed at ambitious strategic goals–transforming operating models or acquiring digital capabilities–that take companies to a new frontier. To succeed, dealmakers must mount a quest for strategic value, relentlessly pursue synergies, and prevent value leakage with a more robust execution model.

Speed up auditing and reporting.


Value favors the decisive dealmaker.

Our significant investment in innovation, and active engagement with dealmakers across industries, give us a thorough understanding of emerging trends, burgeoning issues, and innovative ideas – all of which can provide you with the value-driving insights you need to create long-term value for your enterprise.

Acquirers today can’t afford to wait for a full quarter to learn if integration efforts are falling short of targets. Using Ramp Up to Value, our new data-driven approach, you can create value from Day 1 and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Experience that’s tailored to finding value in your industry.

Our teams combine practical industry know-how, and functional experience established through a high velocity of deals, to help deliver deeper insights and faster outcomes–helping you win the right deals, divest successfully, and create long-term value.

Consumer and Retail

Energy, Natural Resources
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Financial Services

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Industrial Manufacturing

Technology, Media and Telecom



How M&A leaders like you are finding success.

See how other dealmakers are winning the right deals, delivering faster outcomes, and creating more long-term value for their stakeholders with KPMG at their side.


Drive value for your organization, deal by deal.

Learn more about our tailored approach to each stage of the deal lifecycle, focused on identifying, protecting, and creating value for our clients.


Translate bold ambition into reality, realizing value from strategy to execution.


See how divestitures can be a key element of your business transformation, and a critical input to long-term value creation.

Portfolio strategy

Achieve an enhanced product and business portfolio for profitable growth.


Define and deliver rapid EBITDA improvement with our data-driven approach.

M&A data & analytics

Leverage advanced analytical tools for a competitive advantage in M&A transactions.


Navigate the complexities of integration with confidence, to help unlock value at every stage.


Harness the power of ESG to enhance trust, mitigate risk and unlock new value as you build a sustainable future.

Corporate Finance

Gain insights into creating value through terms and pricing, deal structures, debt and equity financing, and other aspects of a proposed transaction.


Plan and deliver restructuring actions that assess short-term liquidity requirements, address risk, and preserve value.


Experience wins the deal.

Each member of our deal team brings extensive industry experience and functional depth, working together to help you win the right deals, divest successfully and create long-term value.

Carole Streicher

Carole Streicher

Partner, U.S. Deal Advisory and Strategy Leader, KPMG US

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Philip J. Isom

Principal, Advisory, Corporate Finance, KPMG US

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Preston Parker

Principal, Strategy, M&A Services, KPMG US

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Dean Bell

Partner, Advisory, Transaction Services Leader, KPMG US

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Scott Rankin

Principal, Deal Advisory and Strategy, KPMG LLP

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