Managed services: A new value proposition

A look at the latest trends based on conversations with 800 global executives

Firms plan greater use of managed services—and greater rewards.

Managed services providers aren’t just for the back office anymore. See how they’re becoming strategic transformation partners, using new tech and deep expertise for mission-critical work across the enterprise.

Discover findings such as:

  • The highest-value services—for today and tomorrow
  • Uptake on services for the middle-office and beyond
  • Provider selection criteria for knowledge-intensive work
  • The need for both run and build capability





Insights for accelerating your digital transformation 

Connecting the front, middle and back-office

In addition to resolving technology debt, a connected enterprise also addresses the often-overlooked talent and process debt that stand in the way of growth. It’s a future-ready approach to transformation, and leading organizations are using managed services to enable it.

Inspiring stakeholder trust

Your risk, cybersecurity, and compliance functions play a critical role in earning the all-important trust of customers, regulators, and other stakeholders. See why companies are turning to managed services for help.

Hidden talents

COVID-19 didn’t just accelerate business transformation; it also accelerated demand for the skilled talent required to execute it. This situation, along with the retirement of baby boomers and a declining birth rate, has created a talent crunch that’s affecting enterprises of all sizes. How can you get the talent you need for the operations of the future?

Digital transformation agendas for Finance, in a new reality

Success in 2020 required companies to speed up their digital transformation agendas in a matter of months. Now, the new reality demands continuous scalable change. See how digital leaders are moving fast – and smartly – to gain a future-ready competitive advantage. 


Webcast: How outsourcing must evolve radically to survive the talent crunch

KPMG Global Managed Services leader Dave Brown recently joined HFS CEO Phil Fersht to discuss how enterprises are more reliant on accessing third-party talent to keep their businesses functioning in today’s talent-constrained world. While affordability of services will always be critical, the risk of partnering with a service provider that struggles to retain its people and deliver “value beyond cost” has never been so perilous. Watch the replay to hear more.


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