The KPMG supply chain analytics platform

As the pace of business accelerates, our platform helps organizations to pinpoint and address root causes of supply chain complexity quickly.

Leapfrogging the competition and finishing first is possible when reliable data backup organizational decisions. In only a few weeks, the KPMG Supply Chain Analytics platform can find insights among the most challenging data conditions, helping companies find new cost savings and performance improvement opportunities.  Our “Rapid Diagnostic” solution provides a valuable x-ray into the root causes of your performance and recommends specific actions to improve fulfillment operations, inventory levels, and your broader distribution footprint—giving you the power and speed to finish first.

Chris Gottlieb

Chris Gottlieb

Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Advisory, KPMG US

+1 201-417-6025

Video transcript

The pace and complexity of business is constantly accelerating. You need a finely tuned supply chain to stay ahead of the pack. So when you notice something isn't right - costs going up or service levels going down - you can't afford to stop for long. You need to find solutions quickly and respond to changing conditions to give your supply chain the edge it needs to compete.

But finding those opportunities in time to use them is hard to do because of difficult data conditions most systems can't produce information that is granular and reliable enough to take action, and most reports don't tell you exactly where all your costs are going and the root causes behind good and bad performance without months of analysis. In the end, supply chain teams spend more time manipulating data than actually using it, which means both missed opportunities and higher levels of risk. That's why KPMG has developed a rapid supply chain diagnostic engine to find insights among the most difficult data conditions. It works with large volumes of available information, stitching together operational commercial transactional and financial data, then it allocates cost and performance outcomes to the lowest units of measure across your business. Delivering useful supply chain insights in only a handful of weeks. You will receive rich economic models that tell you end-to-end profitability down to each SKU, customer, order, and shipment. And it shows you the drivers of service-level performance for each unique warehouse, lane, delivery, and destination. This provides a valuable x-ray into the root causes of good and bad results so you know what actions can be taken to improve fulfillment operations, inventory levels, and even your broader distribution footprint.

This solution can be invaluable for quickly increasing your operational and financial health, preparing for transformational change, or even just explaining current performance on a regular basis. KPMG's rapid supply chain diagnostics engine has the power and speed so you can finish first. To learn how all of our innovative supply chain solutions can help you, contact KPMG.