Wealth and retirement

A looming savings crisis is creating an era of ‘unretirement’

With growing wealth inequality, longer lifespans and retirement savings under pressure, a new life stage has emerged – ‘unretirement’.

Consumers are prolonging their working lives, sometimes because they want to and sometimes because of FROOM (Fear of Running Out Of Money). They are having to compete with contemporary skills, reinvent themselves with second careers, take part-time jobs to make ends meet and, in some cases, adapt to the gig economy.

As KPMG’s Me, my life, my wallet survey reveals, many consumers feel ill-prepared for retirement and seem to have three strategies to deal with this life stage: delay, pray and avoid.  

  • 27 percent of respondents expressed high levels of anxiety about their retirement.
“For me investment is always thinking about the future. I'm very worried about the age. Here in Brazil we don't have a great system for people that retire. I'm very worried about the future.”
Renata, 31, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Me, my life, my wallet
A new way of navigating the evolving consumer