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Chief Financial Officers are seeing their role continue to evolve and become more complex. That means keeping up with today’s most pressing issues can be a challenge. KPMG created the CFO Focus series to provide cross-functional updates on the top-of-mind issues facing CFOs. This report includes information on trends and topics collected from discussions and interactions between KPMG professionals and the CFOs at some of our client companies. It also provides related resources on the topics as they pertain to the CFO and the finance function.

Scott Ozanus

Scott Ozanus

US Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, KPMG LLP (U.S,)

Latest CFO Focus | Issue Spotlight – Transformation

In our latest issue of CFO Focus (March 2020), we focus on the topic of transformation by examining how CFOs are considering and utilizing automation and emerging technologies to change the way their finance structures and corporations function. With goals that include competitive advantage, operating effectiveness, risk management, and back-office efficiency, CFOs and KPMG subject-matter leaders discuss pilot strategies and various considerations down the path of transformation.


Questions for CFOs to consider:

  • What functional areas are leveraging RPA most successfully? 
  • Where do you see the most effective application of RPA within finance? 
  • How are you partnering with IT and other groups to drive these initiatives? 
  • What has been most successful in leveraging predictive capabilities within the planning process?
  • How are you creating an effective governance frame work for RPA technology? 
  • How do you identify and mitigate the risk associated with these technologies?
  • Where in the organization does RPA have the most application? 
  • Which internal group is responsible for exploring the capabilities of RPA and AI? 
  • How are you evaluating and testing emerging opportunities like blockchain?


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Gain additional insights into topics and trends that have been top-of-mind for many CFOs. These recent editions will provide access to resources and strategies you can use to bring value to your organization by exploring topics of interest to corporate finance leaders.

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