Modern delivery of IT

Optimizing and integrating the IT value delivery chain to drive digital transformation

At the heart of the Future of IT lies a fundamentally different way of rapidly and safely developing and deploying technology, which we call modern delivery. Built upon continuously anticipating and leading customers to new digital interactions, it requires business and technology teams to be tightly coupled across all aspects of the lifecycle. 

Watch our video and read on to learn about leveraging modern delivery techniques to accelerate design and delivery. 

Without an optimized modern delivery model, organizations struggle to find business value in the products and services IT delivers. 

IT challenges

Difficulty scaling a transformation program

Difficulty scaling agile

Lack of end-to-end control for delivery teams

Lack of a standard DevSecOps toolchain

Lack of modern architecture capabilities

Business challenges

Executive buy-in

Change in culture and incentives

Impact on day-to-day operational roles

Lack of data and integration to allow business to realize value

Businesses enabled by high-performing IT organizations are:

208 x

Deploying code more frequently

106 x

Shortening delivery cycles

2,605 x

Recovering from incidents faster

7 x

Reducing change failure rates

The solution

The modern delivery model enables organizations to keep pace and run at market speed. 

Digital leaders consistently apply modern delivery model components that accelerate adoption and maximize value, and changing the technology delivery model requires a comprehensive understanding of organizational, procedural, architectural, and technical challenges to maintain integration between the business and IT.

An optimized modern delivery model requires an organization to:

  • orient teams around products rather than projects
  • implement a scaling framework (ex.SAFe)
  • adopt modern application architecture
  • align teams by objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • leverage a connected DevSecOps toolchain
  • deliver intelligence to operational activities (intelligent operations).

The KPMG approach

Depending on where your organization is in its understanding and application of modern delivery, KPMG provides various services to help you strategize and build a modernized delivery model that supports IT and business alignment.

Build a modern strategy

Establish a common vision for service delivery through strategy, then build a business case to support improvement opportunities that drive business outcomes

Design a target state model

Design target state delivery models that strategically integrate functions and processes to build the foundation of a scalable and optimized delivery model

Adopt modern capabilities

Plan and execute the pilot adoption of modern delivery capabilities and prioritize the cultural change required to enable modern delivery models

Scale to the enterprise       

Plan, build, and execute the modern delivery transformation program across the portfolio of products to improve service delivery


KPMG is here to help.

The hardest part is often knowing where to start, but as good a place as any is asking yourself some critical questions:

  • Does IT deliver timely releases of new capabilities to support business demand?
  • Do you know the levers to pull across the operating model to influence a transformative effect?
  • Are you able to rapidly incorporate customer insights into the next release of your products?

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