The market speed operating model

A flexible, agile and dynamic omni speed IT operating model to respond to the needs of business

Rapidly changing market dynamics require today’s organizations to not only transform how they deliver their products to customers, but to also reimagine how they deliver technology within their own business—enabling their organization to adapt at the speed of the market. 

Watch our video and read on to learn more about the market speed operating model for IT.

In this new reality, organizations are experiencing a number of significant challenges:

  • increased complexity, data spread across hybrid, multi-cloud environment
  • challenges with scaling modern ways of working
  • inability to adapt and continuously fund technology investments
  • architecture misalignment with business and not fit for purpose
  • increased attack surface and sophistication of threat actors
  • challenging expectations of ways of working, leadership, and incentives.


The traditional IT delivery model

Monolithic, one-size-fits most delivery methods

Broken supply and demand relationship with the business

Limited empathy and understanding for the unique business drivers they are supporting 

Long planning and funding cycles that leave little room for innovation

The solution



The market speed operating model is a critical enabler of business performance. It is dynamic, with agility and flexibility built-in to support the unique characteristics of each portfolio.

Micro-operating models are designed to coexist within the larger IT operating model governance and structure. 

Digital leaders are successful at making this shift by moving beyond people, process, and technology. They recognize the need to transform across the design layers of the operating model.

  • functional process
  • people
  • service delivery model
  • techology
  • performance insights and data
  • governance.

The KPMG approach

Whether you are struggling to create a future vision, overwhelmed by the myriad of options available to you, or struggling with how to design your operating model, KPMG can help you across all phases of the transformation: 


We help set the vision, frame the specific market opportunities and understand the interventions you need to make—both  in IT and the business.


We provide insight on the specific levers to pull within the IT operating model, targeting products or portfolios required to meet the target.


Using a purposeful, sector-led architecture and human-centered design, we construct a full-stack operating model spanning the entire IT value chain.


Using an agile approach, we rapidly deploy to test the performance, capacity, and capability of the new operating model.

Deliver and evolve

We operationalize transformational change employing a scaled approach, managed services, and shared outcomes.

The hardest part is often knowing where to start and taking that first step.

KPMG is here to help. Connect with us.

Steve Bates

Steve Bates

Principal, Global Lead, CIO Center of Excellence, KPMG US

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