Workforce shaping

The future of HR includes a workforce strategy to visualize alternative workforce scenarios and respond to rapid change.

As intelligent automation replaces human tasks, are you prepared to continually reconfigure jobs, retrain employees, and redeploy them into new roles? In the future of HR, companies must replace traditional workforce planning with an ongoing process of agile workforce shaping. This process, powered by advanced analytics, will involve employees, gig workers, and machines that can be nimbly deployed to meet the changing needs of the business.

Workforce shaping: A new discipline for HR


The human resources organization needs to replace the relative certainties of supply and demand forecasting and instead iteratively evaluate their workforce.

These changes will require HR to:

  • focus on new required capabilities, to-be-tasks, and critical skills for workforce
  • consider “workforce” to include human (full-time, alternate) and bot workers
  • constantly evaluate the workforce model.



HR, as we know it today, does not have the shape and size of the HR organization of the future. Explore KPMG’s insights on The future of HR further to consider how to manage through disruption and drive the future of the business.