Workforce insights and analytics

The future of HR includes data-driven, fact-based decision-making for addressing the people agenda.

The workforce insights and analytics revolution, powered by advanced technology and intelligent automation capabilities, positions the human resources organization to be the predictive engine that leaders and the business seek. For example, you may have the capabilities to see patterns as to why employees are leaving the company, but tomorrow’s systems will predict who will leave and prescribe strategies to keep them. 


HR role of the future: Data scientist


To build this future, you need a strategy for data integrity, analytics, and systems integration—plus a commercial mind-set to provide decision support to the business. HR must transcend its role as the “people people” and drive performance and value through delivering impactful workforce insights at the point of need.

These new capabilities will require changes to HR including:

  • information that is measured and analyzed
  • technologies employed and data collected
  • people insights strategy
  • HR business partnership capabilities and culture.



HR, as we know it today, does not have the shape and size of the HR organization of the future. Explore KPMG’s insights on The future of HR further to consider how to manage through disruption and drive the future of the business.