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Purpose - is the difference that has always made the difference

While KPMG has always been a purpose-led organization—driven by a 100+ year history of doing great things and making a positive impact on the world—up until recently we had not focused on explicitly communicating or celebrating this strong sense of purpose with our people.

That all changed a few years ago when we launched our firmwide Higher Purpose initiative, a comprehensive effort to strengthen our people’s pride, engagement, and emotional connection to the firm by encouraging them to recognize and celebrate the meaning and positive impact of the work they do.

Our signature theme, Inspire Confidence. Empower Change., celebrates our higher purpose as it relates to our people, clients, and communities; and it has been communicated to KPMGers across a wide variety of channels, including print, digital and video communications; leadership speeches; social media; employee engagement activities; and in-person events.

What makes this effort unique from anything our firm has done previously is that it actively seeks out and promotes the specific ways that individual KPMGers and teams make a difference through their professional work. We believe this emphasis on the specific work our people do enables us to differentiate KPMG’s impact from the impact of any other organization.

The launch of this new purpose initiative also helped to create a cultural shift at the firm by speaking to KPMGers’ hearts as well as their heads. It gave them a brand new answer to the question, “What do you do at KPMG?”


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