The HR organization of the future

The future of HR includes a revolution in what, where and how human resources work gets done and the roles needed to deliver it.

To create an agile workforce that can execute the business strategy while also providing a winning culture, experience, and technology-enabled environment, CHROs must think about the human resources organization in a different way. You will have all-new roles, from workforce shapers to robotics capability managers, as well as new internal partnerships, budgets, and capabilities. CHROs will take the lead in building the case for change, exploring possibilities, designing the future state, and aligning the organization to deliver it.

The future of HR: Efficient and personal


As HR delivers insight and analysis into the role of people as a source of competitive advantage, changes will be required in:

  • structure and internal partnerships
  • budget for HR technology and staff
  • HR talent, including skills and sourcing.



HR, as we know it today, does not have the shape and size of the HR organization of the future. Explore KPMG’s insights on The future of HR further to consider how to manage through disruption and drive the future of the business.