The future of HR technology

The future of HR includes continuous technology modernization to meet heightened expectations from the business and employees alike.

Heightened demands to deliver an innovative employee experience and growing business demands require continual modernization of technology, ranging from cloud services to intelligent automation, knowledge management, social, mobile, and more. Which levers can HR pull to deliver? What’s the appropriate level of investment on each? The right approach to technology will enable a more connected workforce and drive the human resources organization to the operating model of the future.

Seeing new possibilities


The digitized HR function will provide employees highly individual service through personal virtual assistance, utilizing continuous technology modernization and highly interchangeable technology architecture. This will require changes to:

  • the perception of constantly evolving platforms
  • the consumption and implementation models
  • the internal skills needed to build and integrate AI solutions.



HR, as we know it today, does not have the shape and size of the HR organization of the future. Explore KPMG’s insights on The future of HR further to consider how to manage through disruption and drive the future of the business.