Customizing the employee work experience

The future of HR includes tailored consumer-like employee experiences in order to recruit and retain highly-productive workers.

Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Managing Director, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US

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Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, Human Capital Advisory , KPMG US

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Giving workers a consumer-like user experience

In a market of shifting workforce expectations, companies need to provide a new kind of employee experience—one that makes everyone feel as if it was tailored to them.

  • How do different employees want to work?
  • What do they consider a supportive environment?
  • Will the experience of the future be physical, technical, mobile, social or digital?

Providing an employee experience that lives up to the employer promise is critical because highly-skilled workers now demand the kind of experiences they get in their consumer life for their work life.


Designing the employee experience

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