The future of HR

Human resources has a higher calling and purpose: Drive the future of the business.

Driving tomorrow's HR, today.

A tidal wave of change positions the human resources organization to transform, lead the employee experience and drive the shape of the workforce that will lead the business to where it needs to go next. Today’s HR organizations are facing unprecedented change. The digital revolution continues to accelerate and expand at an astonishing pace, business leaders are grappling with emerging technologies, there is a heightened expectation for personal experiences, and dynamic competitors are threatening future viability for many.

In the midst of all this disruption, one thing is certain. HR, as we know it today, does not have the shape and size of the HR organization of the future.


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Six areas that will dominate the CHRO’s attention 

KPMG has identified these areas as critical for successfully transitioning to the future of HR. 





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