The future of finance

CEOs are looking to the finance function to take on a considerably broader and deeper set of strategic responsibilities than ever before.

The finance function must disrupt itself to meet the demands of its customers, including regulators, corporate boards, sales and marketing departments, suppliers, and internal and external auditors. These stakeholders increasingly expect finance to serve as a true business partner, not a back-office department focused on transactional processing and historical reporting. They want the finance function to provide predictive and prescriptive insights to drive optimal business performance and real-time decision making. 

Leading finance organizations have developed an agenda to deal with disruption. And with a clear line of sight to the impact of disruption on both the business model and the operating model, the CFO has the chance to turn disruptors into opportunities for competitive advantage and growth.

The CFO’s agenda for disruption

KPMG has identified six focus areas for CFOs as they shape their agendas for disruption. Click on each box to learn more. 

Future of Finance – the future is now 


Future-focused finance organization

How do you cross the divide from where you are today to where you need to be to thrive tomorrow? It starts with a vision of where you’re headed and a blueprint for how to get there. KPMG can guide you through disruption and into the future of finance, offering a distinct set of services that empower today’s CFO to build a future-proof 21st Century Finance Organization. 

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