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The promises of digitized Finance are very real: reduced costs, faster reporting, better insights, an empowered workforce, competitive advantage. That doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed. Effective transformation is built on a multidimensional approach of five foundational competencies, carefully orchestrated to keep Finance ahead of disruption. 

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Value of Connection: What finance executives should know

KPMG interviewed 1,300 finance and operations leaders from around the world, and the results revealed the need for more alignment between the business strategy, resource allocation, supply chains, and Go to Market approaches.

  • Less than half of respondents say their key business processes are fully connected.
  • Only 42 percent are “very satisfied” with their ability to make informed decisions based on data.
Value of connection
Download this survey report and get rid of value of connection

Reimagine your operating model with a long-term strategy to harness extreme automation. Leading technologies can drive actionable insights to help you better understand your customers’ needs and unlock value. KPMG works with CFOs at many of the world’s biggest organizations to deploy and accelerate digital transformation. Together, we can recalibrate to stay ahead of change with future-ready finance.


How do you cross the divide from where you are today to where you need to be to thrive tomorrow? It starts with a vision of where you’re headed and a blueprint for how to get there. KPMG can guide you through disruption and into the future of finance.

How can CFOs evolve to redesign finance? We can support your transformation from “fixers to futurists,” enabling you to integrate leading technologies.

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