The future of marketing
The future of marketing

The future of marketing

Grow your business with data-driven marketing decisions.

A wider focus: Marketing and the new front office

CMOs know disruption unleashed by the digital and customer experience revolutions is here to stay. The fact that customers have more knowledge, expectations and power than ever before is a given. Today’s connected customers are in control. They determine when/where/how they interact with your firm, and marketing must now follow its customers wherever they happen to be.

CMOs understand their business’s future is tied to its ability to respond in environments defined by complexity, speed and innovation. In our conversations, they also acknowledge that operational silos are the greatest obstacle many face. We believe the journey to the future for most firms will begin with efforts to build a connected front office – an intelligent bringing together of the historically separate functions of marketing, sales and service – to form a dynamic engine for customer engagement.



To explore how marketing can transform for the connected customer and the front office of the future, request our report.

The connected customer

A fundamentally changed and empowered customer is a fact of business life. In this new world, the connected customer is everything – the reason the business exists in the first place, the disruptive change agent and, paradoxically, the source of the solution.


The smartest CMOs balance a sense of opportunity with urgency. They perceive that circumstances have created a once-in-a-generation opening, in which they can move boldly and future-proof their organizations.


Be future-ready

Changes in the front office will lead the journey into the future for most companies. It’s here, after all, that the enterprise meets the marketplace and the connected customer. To embrace a new front-office structure, marketing, sales and service executives will need new processes, policies, capabilities and skills that address the six must-haves: data, analytics, automation, organizational structure, metrics and culture. 

Leaders don’t wait to be disrupted; they prepare for the future with preemptive disruption of their own. Contact us today to find out how KPMG helps marketing organizations be ready for the future of the front office.  

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