The future of the front office
The future of the front office

The future of the front office

Make stronger connections with your customers in every interaction.

With new technologies and rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations, the lines between customer service, sales and marketing have begun to blur. Today’s “connected customers” are creating tectonic pressures on the front office, forcing its traditional functions to converge in a new operating model.

To succeed during constant disruption, companies must connect with their customers on multiple levels and channels, but simply interacting with the customer is not enough. Leading front office organizations have begun to respond effectively by embedding awareness of and benefit to the customer in every aspect of the business. Marketing, sales and services now follow customers. Personalized, real-time engagements take precedence as organizations begin to provide solutions, along with products, and the connected customer continues to morph in identity, preferences and expectations.

Companies that take initiative have the opportunity to get out in front of disruptive forces and their customers’ expectations to achieve their target customer strategy.  



To explore how to address customer and technology disruptions that are driving front office transformations, request our report and discover the pathways to a future-proof organization.

Agenda for the future of the front office

New customer experience trends are driving innovation across the traditional customer-facing functions and upending the customer strategy, operational models and the functions themselves. Find out how to respond effectively and deliver solutions, not just products, that elevate their value propositions with the insights below.   

The future of customer connections

In today’s hyper-competitive and customer-centric world, organizations that know the most about their customers and harness this knowledge achieve the greatest success.


Be future-ready

Changes in the front office will lead the journey into the future for most companies. It’s here, after all, that the enterprise meets the marketplace and the connected customer. To embrace a new front-office structure, marketing, sales and service executives will need new processes, policies, capabilities and skills that address the six must-haves: data, analytics, automation, organizational structure, metrics and culture. 

Leaders don’t wait to be disrupted; they prepare for the future with preemptive disruption of their own. Contact us today to find out how KPMG can help you be ready for the future of the front office. 


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