The future of commerce

Winning in the digital economy

Sam Ganga

Sam Ganga

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Commerce-powered, customer-centric focus

Companies can no longer rely on their size and longevity to guarantee brand loyalty. The traditional strategies of "build it and they will come" are long gone. Customers expect a personalized experience, and they expect it how, where, and when they want it—at a fair price.

To compete in this digital economy, companies need to find new ways to promote, deliver and support their products and services in unique and agile ways. From retailers, to industrial suppliers and insurers—the future of commerce will be conducted using digital channels. As these channels become significant to impact the overall revenue, margin and cost-to-serve—those who don’t rise to this challenge run the risk of becoming obsolete.

To thrive and succeed companies must leverage digital channels to differentiate the customers’ buying experience. They must collect and analyze data effectively to predict the customer behavior and augment decision-making. They must also integrate across functions to provide a seamless and flexible response to changing customer expectations.


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The agenda for the future of commerce

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Be future-ready

Success in the digital economy require ambition and commitment. But for companies that establish a common vision, a self-funding business case and buy-in from all levels of the organization, the rewards will be significant.

KPMG knows that the commerce business leaders don’t just need solutions, they need reliable business partners. Partners that can produce commerce-powered business models that spark disruption. Innovators that create edgeless experiences to fulfill the potential of digital commerce. Developers of flexible solutions for operating at scale. Advisors that drive digital business platforms that keep you ahead of the curve.

Leaders don’t wait to be disrupted, they prepare for the future with preemptive disruption of their own. Contact us today to find out how KPMG helps enterprises be ready for the future of commerce. Find out how to respond effectively and deliver solutions, not just services.

The time is now. The future is yours.

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