Vision and Insight, Connected by Trust

KPMG and Morehouse School of Medicine joined forces to address health inequity in underserved communities.


Trust is the core of healthy relationships

Establishing and preserving organizational trust has proven to be one of the central challenges of the pandemic era. That’s why when the U.S. government awarded Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) a $40 million COVID-19 grant to build trust between traditionally underserved communities and health care providers, MSM turned to KPMG.

MSM had the vision. KPMG had the data insights. And trust brought these together into a solution.

Our analysis revealed that a lack of consistent Internet access was a driver of healthcare inequity. We partnered with a leading broadband company to improve access, created a first-of-its-kind national network, and built a foundation of trust with the community that will lead to a safer and healthier future. 




We build resilience through trust

Organizations that embed trust into their core business are better positioned to manage risk and stay resilient, especially during unpredictable times. When you earn the trust of your stakeholders—from customers and regulators to employees, suppliers, investors and the communities where you operate—you gain the commitment that allows you to innovate boldly, grow responsibly and create a new future.

Building trust is an ongoing effort that demands constant attention. Here are three key steps:


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