Driver-based planning: Power & Utilities

An exciting new way for the finance team to generate value

Energizing the finance team

Keeping the lights on and the gas flowing is getting a lot more complicated. 

Driver-based planning can help Power & Utilities finance teams meet that challenge by: 

  • Modeling complex, ever-changing business drivers for more forward-looking insights.
  • Reducing planning cycles while improving the speed and accuracy of forecasts.
  • Streamlining interactions with regulators and staying ahead of disruptive newcomers.

The bottom line? A transformative new FP&A approach for Power & Utilities companies.

Meet the team

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David J. Fourie

David J. Fourie

Partner, Finance Transformation, KPMG US

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Morris Treadway

Morris Treadway

Principal, Finance Transformation, KPMG US

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