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KPMG Connected Enterprise for banking embraces new banking technology and offers the tools, methodologies and frameworks to efficiently unite front, middle and back-office.

A 'one-bank' approach to modernizing core platforms.

Invest in your future wisely, with a 'one bank' approach to modernizing your core platforms and scaling your infrastructure, so you survive - and thrive - as a digital-first, future-ready bank. No matter where you are on your journey to digital transformation, we will help you succeed with the strategies that work and the results that matter.

This is Connected Enterprise for Banking, and KPMG is here to show you the way.


Insights that cover opportunities in every part of the bank.

Accelerate your transformation to a digital first, customer-centric bank and achieve real growth. Read our insights or listen to our podcasts to learn how we can help you unite your front, middle and back office to operate more effectively and efficiently, resulting in a connected and seamless bank experience.


Core modernization: Mortgage lending

Discover the four actions that help get digital mortgage lending right. Teresa Blake discusses with Michael Herman and Mark Braden the key takeaways to transform a cumbersome, time-consuming lending process into an automated one that leads to better-informed decisions and an expanded market for credit.


Core Modernization: Fortify the foundation

Learn more about empowering banks to be future-ready. Our podcast features Mark Ricci talking with Celeste Diane and Mark Shank about the power of digital transformation for future-ready banks. 


Deposits: Modernization of core deposit systems is a bank imperative

Discover why getting core deposits right is central to everything. In this podcast, Anand Shah discuss with Celeste Diana and Mark Shank on why getting core deposits right is central to what a bank offers.


Payments: Mastering money movement is key to banking relevance 

Mastering money movement is the key to banking relevance. Celeste Diane sits down with Courtney Trimble to discuss how payments modernization can position your bank for success. 


Commercial Lending: Modernized lending infrastructure can help mitigate risk

Consumer banks can future-proof their lending business by flexing to align with new customer expectations. In the podcast, Luther Klein talks with Daryl Grant and Todd Semanco about future-proofing lending business to align with new customer expectations. 


Core modernization: Consumer lending

Consumer banks can future-proof their lending business by flexing to align with new customer expectations. In the podcast, Luther Klein talks with Daryl Grant and Todd Semanco about mastering your data to transform your consumer lending model.



The Connected approach

8 attributes of future-ready banks

Organizations that invest purposefully in these competencies are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve their objectives and deliver return on investment. They are driving forces behind the KPMG 'one bank' approach to help you achieve a new, better operating model that supports agility and accelerates innovation.

Insight-driven strategies and actions

Banks which are insight led can be better equipped to understand their customers' needs and wants as well as the health of their business.


Experience-centricity by design

Be known for putting the customer first by delivering seamless and personal customer, employee and partner experiences.


Responsive operations and supply chain

Customers expect immediate fulfilment when completing onboarding checks, changing their personal details or making a payment.


Digitally-enabled technology architecture

Organizations making the most success from digital have been proactive, transforming with the customer at the heart of their strategy.


Innovative products and services

Banks need to step up digital product innovation with new thinking and ways to simplify, add value, and enrich people's lives..


Seamless interactions and commerce

Banking is a relationship business. A seamless, personalized experience helps to build trust and encourages your customers to return..


Aligned and empowered workforce

The connected bank must be built on an agile organizational structure, empowering talent to innovate quickly and collaborate freely.


Integrated partner and alliance ecosystem

The connected bank demands a more agile, flexible business model that can improve the operational efficiency of its support functions.


*Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of KPMG


Building a new vision for consumer lending

KPMG helped a large bank with market expansion strategy and a road map for digital presence in customers' lives and finances.


The KPMG customer promise

Our experience enables us to provide effective strategies and help you build a connected bank that is truly future-ready.
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