The benefits of a better patient experience

Results from the 2022 KPMG US Customer Experience Excellence Report

For more than a decade, KPMG has surveyed US consumers about their personal experiences with well-known brands and has published the results in our Customer Experience Excellence Report. Last year, we added the healthcare sector to the survey, and we’ve now created this special healthcare edition of our report.

In the years since our first survey, we’ve seen leading organizations invest heavily in improving the customer experience across the entire customer journey, and the healthcare sector is following suit. Improving the patient experience can pay off handsomely, with better patient satisfaction and loyalty, lower costs, greater efficiency—and better healthcare outcomes.

Our report showcases the organizations people say offer the best user experiences. We look at the steps they’ve taken to put people first—and the benefits they’ve seen as a result. We also look at how leading healthcare brands fared, and what they can learn from our survey leaders to transform their own customer experiences.

This special healthcare edition is designed to provide valuable insights for any healthcare payor, provider or newly emerging “payvider.” We think you will find it illuminating.

Improving the patient experience
Insights for healthcare professionals from the KPMG US Customer Experience Excellence Report 2022

Insights for healthcare professionals: KPMG US Customer Experience Excellence Report


2022 Commercial KPMG CEE Report Highlights

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