Better, faster, smarter

Create value with supply chain analytics

Embracing new capabilities in advanced modeling and analytics can unlock hidden opportunities and generate benefits within the first 6-9 months.

Chris Gottlieb

Chris Gottlieb

Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Advisory, KPMG US

+1 201-417-6025

Many Chief Supply Chain Officers and their teams struggle with the nature of increasingly complex supply chains by increased consumer demand for various products. Unique transaction structures, more challenging service requirements, and direct-to-consumer channels add to the stress on core operations – resulting in cost increases, slower processing times, higher overall risk, and no clear line of sight into business profitability.

Supply chain analytics helps organizations choose the right opportunities by analyzing each factor in a customer transaction – from manufacturing to shipping to marketing – and recommending which “levers” to pull. The result? Clear insight into true profitability of every product, customer, and order leading to strategic, tactical decisions.

This paper offers insight for companies needing to make faster decisions, gain better ROI, create a more robust risk framework, and get ahead of future business conditions.

Better, faster, smarter Create value with supply chain analytics


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