Future of SOX: Integrated Risk and Integrated Assurance approach

Webcast overview

As organizations continue to face pressure to streamline compliance and audit costs, they also continue to face a continued onslaught of new and pending regulations. The largest looming obligation relates to the SEC’s proposed climate and cyber disclosures, and with that, companies are facing the prospect of building another audit and/or compliance function to manage and monitor compliance with those regulations. 

In this upcoming webcast, we’ll explore the concept of integrated risk and integrated assurance, and how they can help drive efficiency and effectiveness into compliance functions. These concepts have been talked about for a while, but few companies have successfully implemented integrated programs. With the rapid increase in the capabilities and functionalities of GRC tools, now is the time to realize the benefits of an environment where you can “test once, and use many times.”

We’ll also discuss some of the concepts and topics to consider as you start your 2023 SOX program, including  recent guidance and speeches by the PCAOB.

The topics we’ll cover will relate to:

  • Definitions of integrated risk and integrated assurance
  • Practical examples and applications
  • How and where to get started
  • Hot topics to consider in planning your 2023 SOX program





Featured Speakers

Sue King

Sue King

Partner and SOX Solutions Lead, KPMG LLP

Paige Woolery

Paige Woolery

Managing Director, Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk, KPMG LLP