The KPMG 2023 winter CAE share forum: How CAEs can engage with key stakeholders to create impact

Webcast overview

Chief audit executives (CAEs) are at the heart of identifying, evaluating, and providing assurance on the key risks for their organization. With that lens, CAEs have a unique opportunity to help the board, C‑level executives, and middle management address the numerous and difficult challenges such as inflation, future of work, ESG, the recession, growth, and much more.

To hear more about this, please join us for an interactive discussion where Maria Morris, Audit Committee Chair for S&P Global, and Wale Akinwande, Chief Auditor at S&P Global, will talk about how they are working together in this manner. We will then have a panel discussion with members of our steering committee who will share their unique experiences in stakeholder engagement and value add efforts.

As companies adapt their strategies in response to constant disruption, many organizations are looking to the internal audit function and other functions to contribute to the solutions every organization is considering to address the amazing challenges we are all facing and will face.

Host and moderator

Emad Bibawi

Emad Bibawi

Partner, Advisory, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk, KPMG US

Keynote speaker

Maria Morris

Maria Morris

Audit Committee Chair, S&P Global