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Mick McGarry

Mick McGarry

Principal, Advisory, GRC Technology, KPMG US

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Webcast overview

Register now for our SAP Risk, Security, Controls, and Analytics Virtual Share Forum, where you will have the opportunity to discuss leading methodologies, approaches, and tools in the internal control environment and how to align it with your organization’s strategic objectives, key business processes, and corresponding IT elements.

Our discussion will feature a panel of companies that has gone through recent SAP transformation, and feature conversations around controls integration, process mining, application security, cyber and data security, and GRC technology integration.

Our list of speakers includes representatives from organizations who is either in-process or has recently completed S/4HANA transformations. They will be sharing lessons learned form a security and controls perspective. Our speakers include:
  • Deepali Filosa, Vice President of Risk and Controls, Booking Holdings, Inc.
  • Michael Briganti, Director of Internal Audit, Genmab
  • Wendy Lien, Senior Manager of Central Risk and Controls, Google (Alphabet)

Trends in Security, Controls, and Analytics During SAP S/4HANA Transformation

From identifying trends in controls integration, process mining, and separation of duties, to ensuring your transition team is organized and prepared for a multifaceted ERP project, KPMG is here to help smooth and expedite the transition to your new SAP S/4HANA system.


Data governance, user access, process control, threat monitoring; In today's fluid business environment many organizations are optimizing a broad array of security and risk management imperatives through cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems; perhaps most notably SAP S4 HANA. In fact, 53 percent of attendees at a recent KPMG hosted risk, security and controls share forum said, adopting S4 HANA will significantly modernize and refresh their security and controls programs but for all of its many benefits around performance, speed and cost effectiveness SAP S4 HANA implementations whether new or through an upgrade come with considerable complexity. In particular an insufficient commitment to security in the early stages of an S4 HANA migration can significantly increase business process risks and controls effectiveness. Bearing that out more than half of our forum respondents cited proper identification of security and controls business drivers as a top organizational risk in conjunction with S4 HANA realize how the transformative combination of data and technology can deliver broad insights that drive real world results. From identifying trends in controls integration ERP analytics and process mining and application security to ensuring your transition team is organized and prepared for a multi-faceted ERP project, we are here to help smooth and expedite the transition to your new system. How is your S4 HANA migration going join us for a personalized workshop to help ensure you are navigating the process efficiently, transparently and securely.

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