The Lowdown on Low code

Webcast overview

Whether startups or well-established, a growing number of organizations are adopting low-code platforms and technologies to set up or transform their current IT infrastructure to meet the rapidly changing business conditions and customer demands. Citizen developers (everyday business analysts and end users with little to no software development), empowered by these platforms have come to the aid of these organizations to either create new business processes or automate the existing processes. Research shows an even greater adoption within the next few years as organizations look to stay competitive while dealing with a scarcity of IT development personnel.

The speed of application development—from ideation to deployment—can provide a great boost to organizations. Conversely, organizations adopting and implementing low-code automation can expose themselves to potential risks. Organizations will need to understand and navigate these risks to turn them into opportunities.

Join KPMG for a webcast where professionals from our Technology Risk Management service network will discuss citizen developer and low-code technologies, their potential risks, and the steps organizations can take to harness their benefits while managing the risks.

Specifically, we will discuss:

  • An overview of citizen developer and low code
  • Use cases across all lines of defense
  • Risk considerations
  •  Helpful tools to navigate risks


Featured Speakers

Nana Amonoo Neizer

Nana Amonoo Neizer

Director Advisory, Technology Risk Management, KPMG US

Stefan Jacobs

Stefan Jacobs

Manager, Digital Excellence Hub (core), KPMG Netherlands