App Risk Series: Managing Cloud User Access

Webcast overview

The rapid adoption of cloud applications coupled with the exponential growth over the past year of remote workers has increased the importance of streamlined user access. At the same time, employees have increasing consumer grade expectations to access systems anywhere, anytime on any device. This raises the question: How does an organization manage access to mission critical cloud applications, assess application risk, proactively empower users and prevent data loss? 

Join KPMG on April 14, 2021 for a webcast focused on managing cloud user access, part of our monthly Cross Application Risk Series. 

Agenda items include:

  • Identity and access management tools
  • Authentication strategy trends: single sign-on, multifactor, behavior based and biometrics
  • Keeping pace with the business and preventing shadow IT

During this webcast you will have the opportunity to learn about the KPMG Application Security & Controls framework, a cross-application view of cloud application security and controls. It is positioned to help industry-leading organizations effectively balance the divergent tasks of leveraging modern applications to empower business users while simultaneously protecting sensitive data and transactions.



Brian Jensen

Brian Jensen

Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG LLP

Featured speakers

Gautham Ramkumar

Gautham Ramkumar

Director, GRC Technology, KPMG US