Controls Analytics - Demystifying the ERP Blackbox

Webcast overview

Similar to the blackbox on an airplane used to record and investigate incidents, ERP systems contain millions of pieces of data and transactions that can be used to monitor your enterprise. Through analytics, you can monitor, detect, and identify when incidents occur and incorporate these metrics as a key component of your risk and security programs. 

Join KPMG on September 15, 2021 for a CPE webcast focused on Demystifying the ERP Blackbox through Controls Analytics. 

Agenda items include: 

  • Controls Analytics 101: Defining your approach, identifying technologies and tools 
  • Trend Finding: Identifying patterns and conducting “can do, did do” SOD reviews
  • Analyzing transactions: Identifying high risk transactions and developing mitigation strategies

During this webcast you will have the opportunity to learn about the KPMG Application Security & Controls framework, a cross-application view of cloud application security and controls. It is positioned to help industry-leading organizations effectively balance the divergent tasks of leveraging modern applications to empower business users while simultaneously protecting sensitive data and transactions.


Brian Jensen

Brian Jensen

Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG LLP

Featured speakers

Alina Steenerson

Alina Steenerson

Director, Risk Consulting, Advisory, KPMG LLP