The CFO agenda: Digital delivered, episode 6 | Risk and compliance

Webcast overview

Our fifth webcast in this series examined why finance professionals’ roles are transitioning from that of value preserver to value creator, and the new skill sets, competencies, and ways of working they need to embrace to meet their business’ evolving expectations.

This sixth episode will take a deep dive into the evolving risk landscape, digital and cyber disruption in risk management, the key risk and compliance roles in the new finance organization, and the skills that will be needed going forward.

During this webcast, KPMG LLP executives will discuss:

  • The evolving risks that enterprises are facing
  • The digital solutions that are disrupting and modernizing the enterprise and its finance organization
  • The emerging risk and compliance roles and responsibilities within the finance group and throughout the enterprise
  • The skillsets that people who perform risk and compliance activities need to acquire to evolve with the new technologies
  • Case studies on how technology can automate and innovate the roles and responsibilities of compliance, tax, internal audit, and external audit.

This webcast will last approximately 60 minutes.

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Julie Munn-Sims

Julie Munn-Sims

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

+1 713-319-2353


Joshua Galvan

Joshua Galvan

Principal, Technology Risk Management, KPMG US

+1 713-319-2082
Steve Estes

Steve Estes

ESG Governance Leader, KPMG US

+1 214-840-2448

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