Banking blueprint for the crypto world

Webcast overview

Cryptoasset adoption is moving from the periphery of finance to the largest and most respected trade centers in the world—and banks can’t afford to miss the moment.

As crypto goes mainstream, it is paving the way for massive innovation in the banking sector, including new products and services with significant growth potential. Business leaders can capitalize on opportunities in the growing crypto market by evolving their operations and delivering new crypto services and solutions that are trusted, transparent, and auditable.

During this 60 minute webcast, subject matter specialists and industry leaders will explore high-potential, innovative crypto applications and the key technical and operational building blocks that underlie a successful crypto infrastructure for today’s banking institutions.

Discussion topics will include: 

  • The economic and regulatory factors that are paving the way for widespread crypto adoption 
  • Three banking segments that stand out for their profit potential in servicing cryptoasset businesses and investors
  • Considerations for banks to accelerate their strategic roadmaps and develop core business and technology capabilities to serve crypto market customers.

The estimated CPE credit for this course will be 1 credit in Information Technology – Technical.
Please note: The final CPE and field of study will be confirmed after delivery of the program.


Sydney Rice

Sydney Rice

Associate, Advisory, Blockchain COE, KPMG US


  • Katie Chase, Chief Operating Officer, Coin Metrics
  • Josh Lipsky, Director, GeoEconomics Center at The Atlantic Council
  • Pete Najarian, Chief Revenue Officer, BitGo