Future of SOX webcast series: Analytics and Bots in ICOFR programs

Webcast overview

Now is the time to embrace the use of Data Analytics and automation in Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) programs.  With the increased availability and capabilities of data analytics, process mining and visualization tools, there is now the ability to enhance ICFR programs, and use the tools to drive both the efficiency and effectiveness of ICFR programs.  

We’ll discuss how analytics tools can be applied across the various phases of an ICFR program, and the impact of evolving business structures on internal controls. We’ll share real-life examples to allow you to consider how to implement these concepts in your own ICFR program.

Agenda items include:   

  • The changing control landscape 
  • The business imperative driving the use of analytics in ICFR programs 
  • Application of analytics, process mining and automation across the various phases of an ICFR program 
  • Testing bot capabilities 


Featured speakers

Sue King

Sue King

Partner and SOX Solutions Lead, KPMG US

Joe Manusakis

Joe Manusakis

Principal, Technology Risk Management, KPMG US