The digital leader: Real conversations for a new reality

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Not long ago, business and technology executives everywhere were scrambling to keep pace with the accelerating speed of digital business transformation in response to the rewrite of global economic, social, political, and technological institutions. Then COVID-19 emerged and changed everything. Or did it?

For technology executives, CIOs, and CTOs, the drivers of IT have clearly been reordered, but for many, the imperatives are still there. Efficiency, security, innovation, insights, and enabling new ways of working are more important than ever.

However, what was once a homogeneous story is no longer quite that simple. IT in the New Reality will be shaped by economic recovery patterns unique to each sector, country, and company. For the foreseeable future, the Future of IT is not a one-size-fits-all story.

Join us as we launch the first in a series of conversations with technology executives across a broad spectrum of industries leading the evolution of their enterprises to thrive in a much more connected world. In this session, you will hear from William Orange, Vice President and CIO of Nissan Digital, as he chats with Steve Bates, KPMG Principal and Global Lead of the CIO Center of Excellence, about the evolution of the automotive industry and how Nissan is responding to changing customer demands.


Steve Bates

Steve Bates

Principal, Global Lead, CIO Center of Excellence, KPMG US

William Orange

William Orange

Vice President and CIO, Nissan Digital, Nissan Group Americas

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