Scaling out: How HR is accelerating the future of virtual support during COVID-19

Webcast overview

To respond to COVID-19, organizations had to quickly transition their HR support to a remote environment. And, more than ever, employees are relying on their HR function to provide them with resources to navigate the current environment. How do you realign, design and centralize a virtual HR organization to deliver customized services? How do you support your leadership and HR operations to ensure they can meet heightened demands?

KPMG’s recent American Worker pulse survey shows that providing workers with the tools they need positively correlates with making them feel valued, which in turn boosts success in their new work environments. With the sudden switch to remote work comes predictions for the future, too. Is your organization prepared to overcome these changes?

In this 60 minute webcast, learn about the implications of COVID-19 on HR and its potential to accelerate the future work model.

KPMG speakers

Robin Rasmussen

Robin Rasmussen

Principal, Human Capital Advisory , KPMG US

John Doel

John Doel

Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US

Other speakers

Brianna Brockway, HR Services Human Resources Coach, Paychex