Reframing the new employee deal: Expectations from COVID-19

Webcast overview

How we have worked during COVID-19 has challenged many assumptions about the work we do, how we do that work, and who we work with. During this time of uncertainty we’ve seen an acceleration in changing expectations across consumers, workers, and leaders. In responding to mass disruption, reestablishing the employee value proposition based on an organizations reactions to COVID-19 and the road to a new reality means there is a pivot in considering these new priorities. 

A post-COVID-19 world requires organizations to create more adaptable working environments to help employees feel valued, safe, and secure during uncertainty. They are being called to respond to workforce changes by redesigning the way they think about and engage with talent, focusing on capacity, costs, connection, capability, compliance, and change. The time for organizations to adopt a fresh, future-focused employee deal is now!

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KPMG speakers

Brock Solano

Brock Solano

Managing Director, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG LLP