KPMG/AIMA Global hedge fund survey discussion

Webcast overview

Join KPMG and AIMA to discuss the findings of our latest thought leadership, which examines how hedge funds have been operating throughout the COVID-19 disruption. The report, “Agile & Resilient—Alternative Investments Embrace the New Reality,” includes insights from 144 global managers accounting for an estimated US$840 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM) and representing more than a quarter of the industry’s total size.

An all-star industry panel discusses the findings of the report, including:

  • What is defining the current hedge fund manager agenda?
  • How are hedge fund managers embracing working in the new reality of a decentralized environment?
  • Which barriers are being tackled and what best practices can be applied?


  • Joe Fisher, Senior Partner, Asset Management, KPMG in the US
  • Daphne Chester, Partner & President, Ward Ferry Management
  • Tom Kehoe, Global Head of Research & Communications, AIMA
  • Michael F. Mavrides, Partner, Proskauer
  • John Springett, Director of Investor Relations & Marketing, Aspect Capital Limited