Marketing mandate 2020: Maximize returns on martech spend

Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

Principal, Advisory Customer Solutions, KPMG US

+1 314-244-4102

Marketing technology (martech) is often a significant investment that yields limited returns. Marketers already have a sizable martech stack, but much has been underutilized, is under-performing or sitting idle. Watch this webcast replay to learn from KPMG LLP's Jason Galloway and Craig Rutkowske how to obtain greater returns from prior martech investments. CMO Council's Sally Lopez moderates.


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How do marketers pivot plans to drive greater business outcomes with fewer dollars? Given these uncertain times, it's essential marketers get the highest returns from their marketing spend. In this four-part series, Marketing Mandate 2020: Pivot Your Plans. Optimize Your Spend., KPMG and CMO Council discuss how marketers can make smarter marketing decisions across key elements of their portfolio and provide a roadmap for maximizing value and efficiency.