The CFO agenda: Digital delivered, episode 5 | The modern workforce

Webcast overview

The fourth webcast in this series looked at why and how finance is uniquely positioned to drive data and analytics-powered insights throughout the enterprise.

This episode will examine why finance professionals’ roles are transitioning from that of value preserver to value creator, and the new skill sets, competencies, and ways of working they need to embrace to meet their business’ evolving expectations.

During this webcast, KPMG LLP executives will discuss:

  • Why the finance professionals of tomorrow will need not only accounting-focused skills but also business, persuasion, and technology skills to become better partners to the business
  • Why the new normal for finance professionals means new ways of working, new skills, and new roles and responsibilities to become the value integrator for the entire enterprise
  • Why COVID-19 is challenging many management truisms about how to think about performance, teaming with others, measuring productivity, what value-add really is, and the new skills that finance professionals need to acquire to lead and work in remote and hybrid teams
  • Why the results from KPMG’s Summer 2020 American worker survey – in which two thirds of the respondents stated they expect hybrid and remote options incorporated into their work environment – means that employers must find a way to better connect employees and build the networks and relationships that can help drive problem solving and innovation
  • Case studies on enterprises that are successfully supporting a future ready finance vision.

This webcast will last approximately 60 minutes.

Featured speakers

Brad Stansberry

Brad Stansberry

Partner, Advisory, Finance Transformation, KPMG US

Preeti Bangali

Preeti Bangali

Managing Director, Advisory, Finance Transformation, KPMG (US)

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