COVID-19 and the CFO: Cash management challenges

Webcast overview

Optimal management of cash inflows and cash uses is a critical issue for some businesses due to the economic challenges created by COVID-19. The good news is that CFOs have multiple levers for freeing up cash—but they must act quickly.

While the tools for responding to today’s cash challenge are much better than they were a decade ago, it will take smart, decisive action on the part of CFOs and their partners in the business to assure their organizations can manage their cash needs during COVID-19. CFOs must rapidly improve cash visibility across every layer of the enterprise and ensure their organizations have optimal cash management processes in place to ride out COVID-19, whose time horizon cannot be predicted with certainty.

On this webcast, KPMG LLP subject matter specialists explore how to create a proactive response to COVID-19 cash needs.

The 60-minute discussion centers around the following questions:

  • What is driving the need for cash management amid COVID-19?
  • How is the current situation different from the 2008 recession?
  • How can you assess and address your cash management needs?
  • What new technologies—including those you might own—can help?
  • How does your particular situation alter your approach to better cash management?
  • How do you instill a cash management focus for now and in the future?


Ralph Canter

Ralph Canter

Managing Director, Finance Transformation, KPMG US


Analisa DeHaro

Analisa DeHaro

Principal, Strategy, Working Capital, KPMG US

Preeti Bangali

Preeti Bangali

Director, Advisory, Finance Transformation, KPMG (US)

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