Staying open | Restarting America: What now. What next.

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Interactive conversations in KPMG LLP's series What now. What next.

Let’s talk. As the world heads into uncharted territory, business leaders are navigating the impacts of COVID-19. Now is the time to discuss the new reality.

With an agenda shaped by your input, we're meeting often to address the business-critical challenges brought on by this pandemic. KPMG is actively connecting with the market to share leading perspectives from hundreds of clients around the world. Join us for this series as we talk through the most pressing issues and solutions we’ve heard from executives, governments and other regulators.


On June 24, we discussed the importance of cash, digital, and a well workforce in getting businesses open and keeping them open. 

Get open and stay open: The trifecta of cash, digital, and a well workforce

Whether you have remained open or are reopening now, the challenges of staying open are the same. To be open for business amidst uncertainty, you need to have cash, an understanding of the changing environment and an ability to adapt your business model to the new reality.

Your first order of business is to ensure that you have the cash and capital to sustain the volatility ahead. On this webcast, we dive into the current and proposed legislative programs to access cash and capital. To stay open, you need to understand the immediate levers and approaches to go ‘all in’ as a digital business—we cover seamless commerce and how you can better engage with your customers in the new reality. Our session concludes with a discussion on how to protect employees. Our panelist give an update on testing and treatments, and what companies are doing now to support the health of their employees.

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This content outlines initial considerations meriting further consultation with life sciences organizations, healthcare organizations, clinicians, and legal advisers to explore feasibility and risks.

Webcast summary: June 24, 2020 KPMG What now. What next.
Key takeaways from our panel discussion on the importance of cash, digital and a well workforce for getting businesses open and keeping them open.

Panelists for the June 24 discussion

Larry Raff

Larry Raff

Partner, Advisory, KPMG US

+1 212-872-3387
Sam Ganga

Sam Ganga

National Consulting Leader, Consumer &Retail, KPMG LLP

+1 312-961-7289
Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin

Principal, Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy, KPMG LLP

+1 212-954-5627
Clay Gaitskill

Clay Gaitskill

Principal, Advisory, Modeling and Valuation, KPMG US

+1 704-371-8164