Is your forecast intelligent?

Webcast overview:

The New Era of Financial Planning: Is Your Forecast Intelligent?


Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are central to the future success of the planning process. So, why should financial planning be any different?

Do you know which external factors have the most impact on your business? Does your team spend months creating a forecast that’s already outdated once it’s done? How accurate are your current plans, budgets, and forecasts? Is there bias in them?

The tools that financial planning teams use to answer these and other critical questions are quickly evolving from providing descriptive “what happened” data to predictive “what will happen” insights and analysis.  And emerging analytics and AI technologies can go many steps further to prescribe “what to do about it.”

This webcast will explore intelligent forecasting, the different types of advanced technology-driven financial planning capabilities, and the value they can deliver.

Key discussion points during this 60-minute webcast will include:

  • The foundational components of intelligent forecasting
  • The enterprise- and brand-level benefits intelligent forecasting can generate for your business
  • Real-world applications, including a drill-down case study journey
  • How to get started

Presented by KPMG’s CFO Real Insights Webcast series


Sanjay Sehgal

Sanjay Sehgal

Head of Markets, Advisory, KPMG US

Sadaf Majahid

Sadaf Majahid

Director, Finance Transformation, KPMG US