ERP risk series: Information governance for cloud applications

Webcast overview:

With an exponential amount of data being generated and stored in cloud applications, how do you maximize the value of the insight data can provide, while simultaneously protecting from risk exposure?

On this webcast focused on information governance, we discuss how finance, HR, supply chain and customer data is a strategic asset to run, measure and plan. It mus be protected from the wrong hands. Key discussion points during this 60-minute webcast include:

  • information governance for cloud data 101
  • application data categorization 
  • key components of a strong information governance program 
  • common problems in enterprise-wide applications. 

Discover how a strong information governance program can empower your workforce and protect data that resides in the cloud. Through case studies and anecdotal stories, learn why information governance should be a key 2020 priority for your organization.


Brian Jensen

Brian Jensen

Managing Director, GRC Technology, KPMG LLP


Kevin Laird

Kevin Laird

Director Advisory, GRC Technology , KPMG US