Intelligent automation: Achieve transformative value

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Today’s organizations are facing an existential shift in how they harness the power of intelligent automation (IA) to fundamentally change their operations. They’re increasing the breadth and scope of their IA investments to achieve business value that extends beyond cost savings, But as they do so, they’re coming up against increasingly complex implementation, management, skills, and resources barriers.

What are the near-term strategies and tactics they should consider to boost their results?

Topics of discussion:

Our subject matter professionals share client examples and their personal experiences from the field on topics including:

  • Where are the gaps between ambition and success as organizations seek to leverage IA technologies?
  • Which function is viewed as “owning” IA efforts on behalf of their organization?
  • What are the key enablers for IA adoption?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts of IA adoption and maturation?
  • How are governance efforts and models evolving to support increased IA usage?

 What makes the Pulse survey different?

  • No hearsay
  • Input from third parties, but no third-party data
  • Forward thinking versus backward deal tallying
  • Practical guidance and actionable intelligence for greater success.

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Melissa L. Edwards

Melissa L. Edwards

Managing Director, Digital Enablement, KPMG US

Julie Sullivan

Julie Sullivan

Partner, Procurement and Business Services, KPMG Canada