Enhancing and protecting value through cyber security

Webcast overview:

It’s no surprise that cyber security continues to be a key area of focus for today’s organizations. What’s changing is how top business leaders view cyber. For many, it’s no longer just an IT issue, but a critical part of a company’s overall business strategy. 

When a company builds the right cyber strategy, they can expand the value of their cyber security efforts—from protecting critical assets to embracing new business opportunities and improving their competitive advantage.

Please join KPMG’s Cyber Response leader, James Arnold and Steve Struthers, VP, Worldwide Consulting BlackBerry Cylance, as they will discuss how companies can use cyber security strategies to enhance and protect the value of the organization.

During this Webcast, our panel will cover many important considerations including:

  • The importance of having a cyber security program that can help with:
    • Building operational efficiency;
    • Achieving regulatory compliance;
    • Protecting assets; and
    • Enhancing the brand
  • Key components of a Cyber Security Program that includes:
    • Having an incident response plan;
    • Developing playbooks;
    • Promoting employee awareness; and
    • Implementing tools to help automate security  
  • How to evaluate and use tools to support a more efficient and effective cyber security program around
    • Prevention;
    • Detection; and
    • Investigation & containment
  • How to begin developing and implementing a Cyber Security Program


Jim Arnold

Jim Arnold

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US

Steve Struthers

Steve Struthers

VP, Worldwide Consulting, BlackBerry Cylance