Digital procurement excellence

Lear, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automotive seating and electrical systems, is growing at a phenomenal pace organically and through acquisitions. Challenged with siloed and varied business spend management (BSM) processes, such as sourcing, procurement, and contract management, Lear sought a solution to unify its processes, rationalize its spend, and better serve its customers.

Watch the webcast recording below to hear from Lear, Coupa and KPMG on how BSM can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and increase the value of every dollar spent. On the webcast are Asim Malik from Lear Corporation, Donna Wilczek from Coupa, and Yatin Anand from KPMG. 

You'll learn how the collaboration between the three companies helped Lear:

  • successfully implement Coupa in nearly 75 percent of their 257 locations – in just one and a half years
  • achieve 100 percent user adoption with visibility into more than $150 billion in spend
  • completely eliminate manual procurement and requisition approval processes in their European locations
  • integrate 10 ERP systems into the single Coupa platform.


Lear's journey to digital procurement excellence

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