Blockchain and the future of finance webcast


Imagine a world with no out-of-sync ledgers. No need for reconciliations. No fragmented or hidden data that create multiple versions of the truth.

This world is coming, and its name is blockchain. As a revolutionary technology for recordkeeping, it is poised to change the future of finance.

How should you prepare for this wave of disruption? And what are the implications for your finance organization?

This Webcast will reveal the principles of blockchain through a finance lens, including potential benefits and KPMG’s hypotheses for a blockchain world.

Key discussion points during this 60-minute Webcast will include:

  • A framework for projecting blockchain’s impact on core finance processes
  • A demo of blockchain technology in action
  • Real-world examples of companies that have begun the blockchain journey
  • Considerations for getting started.           

Presented by KPMG’s CFO Real Insights Webcast series


James Murphy

James Murphy

Principal, Advisory, Finance Transformation , KPMG LLP (U.S.)

Tegan Keele

Tegan Keele

Climate Data & Technology Leader, KPMG US

Anuj Mathur

Anuj Mathur

Managing Director, Finance Transformation, KPMG US